Our Brands

Our Brand Vision
At My Kids Clothing, we have chosen brands we feel allow kids to be kids. We believe that children should wear clothes that they feel comfortable in. We love bright and vibrant colours. We love fun prints. We love kids clothing that looks like kids clothing. We love high quality clothing made for play and adventures. We hope you love the brands we have chosen for you and your children x

Candystripes including Cinnamon Girls and Ouch clothing brands

Candystripes is a childrenswear wholesale business in Australia. They manufacture high quality children’s wear. They have their own design team that works extremely hard to produce garments that reflect the latest trends. These brands are currently being phased out at My Kids Clothing as production of these brands appears to have ceased.

Eternal Creation

Eternal Creation is a fair trade brand owned by The Visible Clothing Company. All the clothes are made in line with the core values of fairness, sustainability and fun at their fair trade certified tailoring centre (www.VisibleTailoring.com) in Dharamshala, India. Eternal Creation was founded in 1999 by Australian Designer Frances Carrington working across religions and cultural divides to provide quality clothing production.

In 2015, The Visible Clothing Company acquired the Eternal Creation brand.

Eternal Creation is a registered member of the Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand, and The Visible Tailoring Centre is a certified member of the Fair Trade Forum India (affiliated with the World Fair Trade Organisation).

To find out more about The Eternal Creation Story visit here: https://www.eternalcreation.com/pages/the-eternal-creation-story 

JNY Kids

JNY is a Swedish children's clothing brand founded in Åre 2005.
A winter day in Åre, a hobby became a business and a dream come true. From the very beginning JNY Kids focus has been on designing and manufacturing sustainable high quality children's clothing in design, material, sewing and fit. The company's headseat is still in Åre and it is here skilled designers get their inspiration to create the clothes and fabrics.
JNY Kids think kids want to be kids and not small adults. Therefore, clothes for children should be beautiful, playful and made with utmost care in all joints.

”Our ambition is to constantly create beautiful prints that appeals to kids in four yearly collections. We believe that kids want to be kids and not small adults. Let kids be kids.”

Malin Käll, designer JNY Kids

To find out more about the JNY Kids story visit here: https://www.jny.se/en/our-story.html



A simple design sketched on refill evolved into New Zealand's most loved sock brand.

It was an accidental success story for founder Sarah Teensma. Lamington, her boutique range of merino socks and tights made in New Zealand, started out in 2005 as a kid's T-shirt brand. In 2008, socks were added as an extra for retailers. When stores began to request socks only, Sarah realised she had found her niche.
She wanted to ensure kids' socks wouldn't fall off and would keep legs warm - hence knee-high designs which stay up.

To find out more about the Lamington story visit here: https://www.lamington.co.nz/pages/about-lamington



Proudly born in Australia, MadMia is a playful crazy socks brand that creates colourful socks with the aim to inspire creativity and self-expression. With an ethos of ‘Why fit in when you were born to stand out?’, MadMia is passionate about producing silly socks that are truly extraordinary!

In the world of MadMia, matching crazy socks are boring, but mixing them with different patterns and bright colours is super cool! That’s why MadMia started by designing mismatched crazy socks in each pair sold, allowing you to style them in your own creative way.

To find out more about MadMia visit here: https://www.madmia.com/


Fashion for children ranging in sizes from newborn to size 12.
Since their launch in the summer 2010, Milky Clothing has created quality soft durable everyday pieces for babies and kids.
Each season Milky endeavours to produce collections that are playful and importantly wearable wardrobes with pops of colour, bling and unique prints for kids to mix and match to create their own individual look.

To find out more about Milky visit here: https://milkyclothing.com.au/pages/customer-service


Minoti is a unique brand for unique kids, they provide quality apparel that combines modern designs and authentic details. Minoti designs are inspiring and imaginative with an edge, combining unique style & classic pieces, vibrant colours and statement prints whilst remembering that kids should be kids. Minoti pride themselves on being sustainable, durable, of high quality and functional.

The Minoti child is carefree, adventurous and above all, stylish with an inbuilt swagger and ice cool style.

You can read more about Minoti here https://minoti.us/pages/about-us

My Kids Clothing - Inspired by Kids collection

We create our designs based on the wishes of children from our beautiful country, New Zealand. Where possible we use a graphic designer from within New Zealand to create the artwork from the imaginations of kiwi kids. Many of the designs are owned by My Kids Clothing or we have worked in collaboration with the artist. We use a printing company based in Mangawhai Heads to print the wonderful designs onto blank tees, sweatshirts and bags. This collection is currently taking a hiatus but we hope to return in the future with more inspired by kids designs.
We have chosen to print our clothing on AS Colour or Biz Collection items.
You can find out more about AS Colour here https://www.ascolour.co.nz/social-responsibility
You can find out more about Biz Collection here https://www.bizcollection.co.nz/ethicalresponsibility/nz/


Piccalilly are a British baby and kidswear brand designing organic baby clothes and organic children’s clothes from newborn up to 10 years. Piccalilly source chemical free organic cotton from an amazing project called Chetna Organic. It’s a fair-trade cotton programme with a mission to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers by making their farm systems more sustainable and profitable.

You can find out more about the Piccalilly way here https://www.piccalilly.co.uk/the-piccalilly-way/

Raspberry Republic

Raspberry Republic make clothes with a very maximalist and creative statement. Their motto is to be unique and colourful because kids love it!  Raspberry Republic focus on durable, high quality garments that stand up to tear and wear so that they can be handed over from one kid to another: shop less and better for a more sustainable world!

You can find out more about Raspberry Republic here https://www.raspberryrepublic.com/about-rr/

RuffleButts and RuggedButts

Inspiration,determination, childhood memories, and a splash of destiny are all ingredients to this wild adventure we call RuffleButts. These are brother and sister brands from Texas, USA. These brands are currently being phased out at My Kids Clothing due to the high costs involved to bring them into New Zealand.

You can read more about RuffleButts and RuggedButts here https://www.rufflebutts.com/about-us


Villervalla is a magical world. A world created of colourful fantasies and liberating childishness. A world where games and adventure never end. A world where every child can join in, where every child is welcome. So step into the magical world of Villervalla - a world where kids are always kids.

Villervalla is a company with strong values. They stand for joy, optimism and equality. They are inclusive and inviting. They are a brand that is on the children’s side. All of this is apparent in Villervalla’s colourful and playful children’s clothes.

You can read more about Villervalla here: https://www.villervalla.com/about-us