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Welcome to My Kids Clothing

Born in the Spring of 2017, and inspired by our very own Master G, My Kids Clothing brings together a boutique selection of trendy and practical baby and childrenswear that lets kids be kids.

Master G was two in the Spring of 2017. At the time, I struggled to find him the right clothes that would wash well and stay in one piece, whatever Master G would throw at them. Yes, I wanted practical, toddler-proof options, but I wanted them to be unique and bright too. Most of all, as a busy mum, I wanted one easy, online place where I could browse from home for brands I loved.

I was over the moon when I went online and found so many cute, high-quality items that we didn’t have access to in New Zealand stores. So, in June 2017, I started ordering clothing, and by September that year, our first website was up and running.

Every child should feel comfortable, happy and confident in the clothes they wear - that’s our number one philosophy.
That means we believe clothes should give kids the freedom to express themselves, play, discover and explore. To reach those special milestones, to ride without stabilisers on their bike, to leap into messy play without a second thought, to run to their friends without fear, to jump in those muddy puddles and climb those trees. And they should be made especially for babies and kids, because it’s the time of their lives when they can truly rock cute designs, vibrant colours and fun prints.

(And, let’s be honest, our kids’ clothes should be made for busy parents too – we’re the ones washing them and crossing our fingers that the paint/grass/mud stains come out.)

We are a proudly local, family-owned business based in the beautiful town of Masterton, Wairarapa. When you buy from our boutique store, you can trust that each brand is personally chosen by me, Michaela. Everyone is involved in getting your hand-wrapped treasures to your door, including Master G who loves helping me put your parcels out for the courier. Supporting us with our tech is my hubby and Master G’s Dad, Matthew, an IT whizz.

From our family to yours, we hope you love the brands we have chosen for your children as much as we do.

Michaela x

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